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Good Morning!

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Morning Coffee Club Events

Monthly Meetups

Get your buzz on with fellow coffee enthusiasts as we share the latest and greatest in the wonderful world of coffee. Open to all, RSVP below!

🗓 Saturday, 11 March 2023
11am - 5pm
240 Macpherson Rd, #02-02
Singapore 348574

Brew with the Crew

Join the Morning People for a dive into the inner workings of your machine, the best ways to brew and some neat tips and tricks!

If you’re new to the world of Morning or a seasoned capsule-brewer, this session guarantees to deliver all the tips and tricks you need in order to create the best cups directly from your Machine or with the accompanying Mobile app.

Sessions Timings:
11am - 12pm
2pm - 3pm

How-To: Build Your Own Recipe

Brilliant brews are equal parts science and art - go wild as we explore how brewing parameters alter the taste of your favourite capsules!

With a hands-on, guided demonstration from our in-house Podheads we encourage you to explore the different ways you can enjoy our range of capsules.

Session Timing:
1pm - 2pm
4pm - 5pm

Shop the Pod Shop

Let us help you find your next favourite brew. Get recommendations and sample coffees with our resident coffee nerds - curated from the world's leading independent roasters.

While we do welcome walk-ins, we highly encourage you to sign up in advance to help us get a better gauge of the number of visitors.