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CRU Kafe

Organic Virunga Reserve

Cru Kafe's small batch roasts gives us the ability to discover some of the world's rarest organic coffees. This edition features a very special coffee grown at altitudes of up to 6000 ft at the Rwenzori mountains of Congo.

*Each set comes with 20 Nespresso®-compatible capsules.
**Very Limited Quantities only! 


  • 20
RM126.00 MYR

Organic Virunga Reserve

RM126.00 MYR

Coffee details

CRU Kafe

Based out of the United Kingdom, CRU Kafe started from a lightbulb moment for Bodil Blain. The tech was there, but the coffee on offer just wasn’t up to scratch. So after teaming up with Colin Pyle and John Quilter, CRU Kafe was born - and they’ve been making great tasting, organic, ethical coffee ever since.

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