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Sanchia & Amber's Sipping Setlist

Sanchia & Amber are the creative duo behind TANCHEN Studio and also our featured collaborator for the special edition of 'Coffee Chats' segment at our June MCC Meetup.

TANCHEN Studio is a design studio based in Singapore and Shanghai that focuses on textiles as the basis of their practice. With a process-based approach, they create functional textiles that can be used as autonomous elements within a living space. Renowned for their artisanal workmanship and commitment to slow fashion, TANCHEN Studio emphasizes crafting high-quality, sustainable textile work. Some of the label’s signature pieces are the 0/0 Bag and the MAZHA Stool.

This "Sipping Setlist" is part of Sanchia and Amber current selection of coffees from the Morning Marketplace that they enjoy as they "PressPause" and take respite from the relentless pace of life:

  • Wander & Wonder by Morning

  • One & Only by Morning

  • Champagne Blend by Lowkey Coffee

  • Gesha Espresso by Colonna Coffee 

Limited quantities are available. Shop Sanchia & Amber's Sipping Setlist today.


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Sanchia & Amber's Sipping Setlist

RM219.00 MYR

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