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Good Morning!

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9.9 Trade-in Program

Elevate your morning rituals with the Morning Machine. For one day only on 9 September, get exclusive cost savings off the Morning Machine and an additional $99 Morning Coffee Club (MCC) store credits when you trade-in your old coffee capsule Machine!

How does it work

On 9 September, from 8am to 8pm, we're opening our Morning HQ for you to bring in your old coffee capsule machine to enjoy the trade-in benefits.

Do bring your own bags if you intend to make coffee capsule purchases on the day itself.

Book your preferred timing below. 

Register here! 



Only applicable to customers based in Singapore

Only valid for the first 99 trade-ins.

The trade-in program is only valid for customers who's trading in an old/used coffee capsule machine. 

Trade-in promotion is only applicable with a purchase of the Morning Machine. 

A valid MCC account is required in order to redeem credits. Sign up for an MCC account here.

All MCC store credits accumulated are not applicable to be used on discounted items on 9.9.



How does the trade-in work? 
Simple, just bring us your old capsule machine and we’ll give you the new Morning Machine at our 9.9 sale price (S$411) and throw in an additional $99 worth of MCC store credit.


Where and when is the drop off?
Our collection point is at Pines Industrial Building, 240 Macpherson Rd, #02-02, Singapore 348574, please come between 08:00 - 20:00


Can I come before 08:00 or after 20:00?
Unfortunately, it is strictly limited to the stipulated window of 08:00 to 20:00. 


Can I arrange to come by on another day?
This promotional is only valid on 9 September from 08:00 to 20:00. 


Can I buy and collect my Morning Machine on the spot?


What payment methods do you accept on the day?
PayNow and Credit Card payments 


Can I use the $99 MCC credit to further offset the price of my Machine?
Unfortunately no, as the Machine is already on discount it won’t be eligible for further promotions.


Can I use the $99 MCC credit to buy coffees on the day?
You can only use the $99 MCC store credits for subsequent purchases on the website.


Can I use the $99 MCC credit on the other 9.9 product specials?
Unfortunately, the $99 MCC store credits will not be eligible for discounted products on 9.9.


Can I send someone on my behalf? Can I arrange a Grab or third party delivery service?
If you send someone on your behalf they will need to be equipped with your account details in order for us to credit the points into your user account. Sign up for an account in advance here. Unfortunately Grab or third party delivery services cannot be accommodated as there might be queueing required for the drop off and point crediting process, but rest assured we will do everything we can to minimise delays.


What type of Machines are eligible for the trade-in?
We accept any electrical home-use capsule machine.


What will you do with the machines you collect?
We’re working with a recycling facility to responsibly dispose of the machines.


If you have more burning questions about the Morning Machine or any of our other products please visit our Community Help Center.