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The Morning Machine Nanofoamer Bundle

The Morning Machine Nanofoamer Bundle is a revolutionary way to create cafe-quality, milk coffee beverages at home.

With the NanoFoamer V2/Lithium and FlowTip Milk Jug, you can create smooth, velvety, micro-foamed milk. Pair this with the Morning Machine and you can get your flat white, cappuccino, or caffè latte fix.

Enjoy savings of up to 15% when you purchase the Morning Machine, the NanoFoamer V2 or NanoFoamer Lithium and the FlowTip Milk Jug as a bundle.

Color: Black

  • Black
  • White


  • V2
  • Lithium

FlowTip Milk Jug:

  • Black
  • Stainless Steel
19,471.00 ฿

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The Morning Machine Nanofoamer Bundle

19,471.00 ฿

Bundle details

Convenience. No Compromise.
The new standard in capsule brewing

We’ve taken features from professional coffee equipment and adapted them for capsule coffee so you can enjoy convenience, consistency and quality like never before.

Cafe-quality Milk At Home
The NanoFoamer Milk Bundle

The NanoFoamer spins milk bubbles through NanoScreens at ultra-high speed, breaking the bubbles down into a sweet, velvety microfoam.

The machine’s ecosystem
Designed to make the perfect brew

Delightfully simple to use

Choose from 10 default brew modes

Curated from worlds best coffee roasters

Customize coffee the way how you like it

Thoughtfully designed

Smart alert for better brewing


Works with Nespresso capsules

Got questions?

Can I return or refund the Morning Machine?

Returns or exchange of goods will be facilitated within 7 days from goods receipt under the following conditions:

(1) The product is not in working condition before purchase date, or (2) there is a discrepancy between ordering and delivery, and on the conditions that (i) such product is still in its original package, and (ii) is accompanied by the relevant original invoice issued within the same country.

Is there a place to try out the machine?

You may visit our stockist page here for a list of places to experience our Machine in person.

What colours do the NanoFoamer bundle come in?

The NanoFoamer wand only comes in black but we've paired the FlowTip Jug to match the Morning Machine colour way you've selected i.e. Silver Jug with Silver White and Black Jug with Satin Black. If you'd like to change your preference please email us at

More questions? Find answers on our FAQ page, or talk to us.

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