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One & Only Drip Bag Pack

This coffee from Finca El Paraiso is a truly unique one. Having gone through a double anaerobic fermentation process, expect nuances of Rose, Lychee and Tropical Fruit in each cup. Taking a sip feels like getting a taste of freshly-popped champagne. Deliciously memorable.

Roast: Light-Medium
Varietal: Castillo
Process: Double Anaerobic Fermentation 
Producer: Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia
Origin: Finca El Paraiso, Cauca, Colombia

The recommended brew temperature is between 90°C and 95°C, with a suggested brew volume of 150-180ml.

**Disclaimer: Do note that these drip bags are reduced as they are close to their best before dates, but are still safe for your consumption and enjoyment as each single-serve drip bag is nitrogen-flushed and packed individually to preserve the coffee's freshness.
*Each set is sold in packs of 3, 6 or 18 drip bags.

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