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Colonna Coffee

San Rafael

A wonderfully balanced Colombian coffee, marked by a pronounced jammy sweetness.

San Rafael is cultivated at Las Guacas farm, situated in the elevated terrains of Cauca, at 1,716 metres above sea level. The three-hectare farm, overseen by Jose Weimar Ramirez Velasco, focuses on the production of the Castillo variety, which is well-adapted to the local volcanic soil. Post-harvest, the coffee is processed using traditional washing and sun-drying techniques, reflecting the region's consistent climate.

The main harvest period, from July to September, is essential for developing the coffee's characteristics. The region's biannual rainfall patterns ensure a consistent output of quality beans. The processing method is designed to maintain the coffee's natural sweetness, producing a flavour profile that is authentic to the Cauca region.

250g Whole Bean Coffee Bag


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San Rafael