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[Special Offer] CRU Clan

CRU Kafe is one of the leading roasters out of the United Kingdom with a solid coffee sourcing and roasting philosophy. Try this CRU Clan collection to sample all of their coffee capsules and save 45%!

  • Organic Espresso by CRU Kafe
  • Organic Decaf by CRU Kafe
  • Organic Intense Roast by CRU Kafe
  • Organic Dark Roast by CRU Kafe
  • Organic Light Roast by CRU Kafe
  • Organic Indian by CRU Kafe
  • Organic Colombian by CRU Kafe

This collection contains 70 Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules. 

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    [Special Offer] CRU Clan
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