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Coffee Resolutions for 2020

Coffee Resolutions for 2020

As another year comes to an end, we took some time to reflect on our coffee habits from the past. With reflection comes a motivation to do things better (or at least a little different) in the coming year. Here are our seven coffee resolutions for 2020:

  1. Find a new coffee roaster to try every month: we're very much privileged to work with various specialty coffee roasters at Morning, and we spend most of our time looking for new roasters. It's been a busy past six months for the team and we wish to explore the unexplored in the coming year.
  2. Document our coffee journey: some write a journal, while some post coffee updates on their social media. The reason why we wish to document our coffee journey more is that it helps us remember the highs and lows of our journey, the coffees we enjoy and the people we meet along the way. 
  3. Give decaf a chance: some of us do not drink coffee past 4pm everyday with the fear of not being able to have a good night's sleep. however, decaf has been making a come back recently with very delicious offerings like this one from Colonna. We now have something to look forward to post-dinner.
  4. Have coffee with a friend once a week: coffee is special because it can be enjoyed in solitude or with company. We often have coffee together as a company, but once in a while, it would be nice to have coffee with someone who isn't from the industry. Wouldn't that be refreshing?
  5. Try a coffee black and with some milk: while it is true that coffee roasters select a roast profile for a coffee depending on how it is meant to be brewed and enjoyed, but sometimes we find a gem that tastes awesome just by itself and with some milk like The Espresso. We should explore more coffees both ways to learn about how the taste experience would differ.
  6. Pair something different with our weekend coffee: coffee and doughnuts are a match made in heaven. That is a tried and tested combo. Next year, we'll explore more food pairings with coffee to see what can be done. There will be many misses, but the joy is in the journey some say.
  7. Don't think and just drink: most of the time, we forget to be a 'coffee drink' or a 'customer' and put too much thought with every sip of coffee. While this tickles our curiosity, it may take the fun out of just drinking the beverage we all love. So yeah, whenever we get the opportunity, we'll drink more and think less.

What are your coffee resolutions for 2020?

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