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Types of Subscriptions

Machine Subscriptions
Need a machine with your coffee subscription? Subscribe to our Machine subscriptions and save on your Morning Machine.
Capsule-only Subscriptions
Subscribe to our ready-made capsule bundles or mix-and-match capsules to create your own!
Corporate Subscriptions
Contact us to customise your office coffee subscription and receive a Morning Machine at no cost. Minimum order quantities apply. See details below.

Comparing our Machine Subscriptions

Capsule-only Subscriptions

Morning Essentials
RM160.00 MYR

For 4 boxes

Morning Discovery
RM206.00 MYR

For 4 boxes

Bread & Butter
Morning Bread & Butter
Very Versatile
RM43.00 MYR

For 10 capsules

Tried & True
Morning Tried & True
Creamy & Syrupy
RM43.00 MYR

For 10 capsules

ST. ALi, Melbourne Orthodox
Very Chocolatey
RM50.00 MYR

For 10 capsules

One & Only
Morning One & Only
Clean & Juicy
RM48.00 MYR

For 10 capsules

Wander & Wonder
Morning Wander & Wonder
Silky Honey
RM47.00 MYR

For 10 capsules

Milk & Magic
Morning Milk & Magic
Magical with Milk
RM52.00 MYR

For 10 capsules

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