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Good Morning!

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Hi there!

So you've probably tasted all the coffees already and hopefully you've picked a favourite. For our first box of coffees, we made sure that we let you try several makes of capsules to help you understand the difference. So here are the coffees:

Comet Tesfaye by PPP Coffee (Singapore)
Compostable Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsule
Taste Profile: Lightly Floral
Comet Tesfaye by PPP Coffee
Kenya by April Coffee (Copenhagen)
PBT Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsule
Taste Profile: Mildly Fruity
Kenya by April Coffee
Damaris Camposeco by Colonna Coffee (UK)
Aluminium Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsule
Taste Profile: Totally Sweet
Foundation Short by Colonna Coffee

If you enjoyed any of the coffees from the Morning+ box, you may use the promo code MORNINGMIX20 to enjoy 5% off any of the coffees above!