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Savage Coffees

Location: Panama

Founder(s): Jamison Savage

Savage Coffees, founded by Jamison Savage in 2016, is a roaster and a group of boutique coffee producers collaborating and sharing the common goal of elevating the coffee experience with coffee grown in Panama's northern highlands. With advanced processing techniques and uncompromising quality standards, these coffees have gone on to be showcased and have won countless coffee championships around the world.

Savage Coffees

Getting to know Jamison Savage - Founder of Savage Coffees.

How did the journey of Savage Coffees start?

I started Savage Coffees in 2016 in an effort to bring more affordable, high-level coffees to our discerning premium specialty audience. At Savage, we purchase cherries from our fellow producers who demonstrate high agronomic and environmental-conscious methods. We then process these cherries to our standards using innovative and creative processing techniques ranging from classic washed to carbonic maceration. These coffees are both traditional varieties as well as exotics which score at 88-90+. The Savage Coffees model has proven to be highly beneficial for both the brand and local producers.

Can you share more about Savage's approach to sourcing and roasting coffee?

We source our cherries from the high-land rainforests of Volcan and Boquete Valley in the Republic of Panama. These farms are all family owned, boutique estates, with meticulous production and harvest standards. We carefully select our producer partners after considering their farm conditions and ability to consistently provide us with the volumes necessary to meet our requirements. Savage Coffees is a relationship-based company and we source our cherries from our partners year after year. We pay a premium for these cherries and expect the harvest selection to be optimal.

What was the inspiration for Savage Coffees to decide to put coffees into the convenient capsule format?

Technology has taken a big step forward over the last few years as have customer preferences for better coffee. This important shift has provided us an opportunity to participate in this single-serve market and bring something new and exciting to the capsule-consuming public. Savage Coffees' capsules are made from Polylactic Acid (PLA) and, therefore, compostable after enjoying. These plant-based capsules consider not only the highest coffee quality available, but also consider the environment.

Coffee is fuel to get us moving throughout the day, especially in the morning. What is your daily morning ritual like?

Well, I am, of course, a coffee enthusiast and enjoy all of the Savage Coffees on offer, but my mornings definitely include drinking several of our capsules. The quality and convenience of our capsules coupled with the Morning Machine is an absolute necessity. This is the reason Savage Coffees and Morning have come together in collaboration; the perfect capsule in harmony with the most advanced capsule machine.

What are you most excited about right now and for the future of Savage Coffees as a brand?

Consumers are demanding higher quality coffees with convenience. We're thrilled with the direction the industry as a whole is headed in as we are embracing this movement. We are very focused on the single-serve market and have not only the finest coffee capsules available, we also have a line of instant coffees and we'll be announcing news on our ready-to-drink beverages soon.

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