Recipe 003: Mocha Martini

Coffee is an all-day, all-occasion drink, and that includes night and party time! This Mocha Martini is a spiked take on the Caffé Mocha, combined with the elegance of a Martini. The addition of Irish Crème adds a bit of booze and a load of creaminess, making it a terrific post-meal dessert drink or nightcap. Get your shaker ready, and let’s make ourselves a coffee cocktail!


-          30g Espresso (brewed from 1 capsule)
-          15g Vodka
-          60g Irish Crème (such as Bailey’s)
-          30g Chocolate syrup (or drinking chocolate powder  + some extra for the glass)
-          6-8 large ice cubes for shaking
-          Chocolate shavings, for garnish

Line the inside of a chilled coupe or martini glass with some chocolate syrup (or dust the glass if using powder). Pull a short 30g (or ml) of espresso. In a three-piece or boston shaker, add the coffee, vodka, irish crème, and chocolate syrup.  Add the ice cubes and shake it until your fingers are numb from the cold. Strain and serve into the chilled glass. Be sure to include all of that sweet foam! Grate some chocolate on top to finish.

Now take a sip, kick back, and relax. You deserve it after all that shaking!

Recommended Capsule: Fusion by PPP Coffee

Words & Photos by Jonathan Choi (@theheadbean)


Good tip, thank you!

We tried it with a bog-standard drinking chocolate we had on-hand (Nesquik), and it combined well with the shaking. I think you’re right though that some of the better stuff would benefit from some blooming. What would you use for a recipe like this? :)

Jonathan Choi October 10, 2019

Just a little note on the chocolate, from a chocoholic :)

If you are using a high fat cocoa powder, make sure you melt it with some hot water first to make a paste before adding to the drink.

If you add the powder direct to ice and mix it up, the cocoa butter can form a chalky texture in the drink.

Alan the chocoholic September 23, 2019

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