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Beams Coffee


To achieve a coffee that would deliver a flavour to suit any palate, this blend was created with coffee from Brazil, Colombia and India. If Melbourne had a coffee personality this would be it – trendy, slick, modern and bold with the addition of Reishi extract!

*Each box comes with 10 Nespresso®-compatible capsules.

**Beams work closely with clinical nutritionists to formulate their adaptogenic coffee capsules in accordance with recommended safe dosages.


  • 10
RM86.00 MYR


RM86.00 MYR

Coffee details


Beams Coffee are a Hong Kong and Australian-based company that sought to incorporate natural super ingredients into our everyday routines. They work closely with coffee roasters in Sydney & Melbourne as well as nutritionists to infuse plant-based nutrients, nootropics and functional mushroom ingredients with Specialty Coffee. The result is super-charged capsules!

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