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Good Morning!

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Rise Coffee

Good Day

Good Day is Rise Coffee's approach toward a modern espresso. This signature blend balances the vibrancy of fruit notes and sweetness from a chocolate and caramel finish.

*Each box comes with 10 Nespresso®-compatible capsules.


  • 10
380.00 ฿
Coffee notes
  • Tasting Notes
    Caramel, Chocolate, Orange
  • Body
  • Acidity
  • Sweetness

Good Day

380.00 ฿

Coffee details

Rise Coffee

Rise Coffee was founded by Kasidis Laoboonmee (Pop) who started roasting coffee as a hobby in his home garage. In 2021, Pop finally decided to open the first Rise Coffee flagship store with the ambition to build the best coffee experience in Bangkok and ultimately make specialty coffee more accessible to everyone.

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  • Type
  • Processing
    Washed | Natural | Black Honey
  • Origin
  • Varietal
  • Roast level
  • Suitability
    Espresso, Iced Coffee, Long Black, Milk Coffee
  • Others
    This all-thai blend is made up of coffees from Doi Pangkhon, Mae Suai and Doi Saket.

On the Morning Machine

Brew Mode: Short Dark Roast

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