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Media & accolades

Our Press Room

“Pairing with forward-thinking specialty roasters the world over, Morning is a tech-forward coffee brewer that’s truly world class.”

“Consistency is the key USP of the Morning Machine and it does so in highly innovative ways.”

“Morning Machine isn't just a coffee maker – it's a coffee ecosystem.”

“For coffee geeks, it’s an immediate yes. For anyone with even a moderate interest in coffee (or even tea, given the machine’s ability to dispense water at precise temperatures and volumes), it’s plenty of fun, and a relatively low-priced piece of equipment compared to an espresso machine.”

“The Morning Machine could be a dream come true for coffee lovers, although be warned – it’ll have you drinking so much caffeine, you may never actually dream again.”

“The Morning Machine is a great device for everyone at home, regardless of whether you’re a coffee purist or novice. It grants you the full ability to do whatever you want, while still being a good fit for those looking for a quick fix.”

“The app is what makes the Morning coffee machine a step up from its contemporaries. It contains a growing directory of recipes from Morning's global roster of partner roasters.”

“Almost a year on, they’re not just household names amongst coffee lovers, but also the darling of Singapore’s investors.”