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What's In My Cup?

What's In My Cup?

I started this week drinking coffee that took us on a trip down memory lane - a favourite snack that I could not resist during my childhood was without a doubt: chocolate covered raisins. Having a pack of them in the car, in my lunch box or just at home, it was always tempting to reach into the pack to snack on yet another piece. To my delight twenty years on, chocolate covered raisins have grown-up and can now be enjoyed as a cup of coffee - my cravings for chocolate covered raisins are now only a pod away!

Choco Coated Raisins is a coffee in a Nespresso compatible pod format, offered by Yardstick Coffee from their Snack range. Best enjoyed as a lungo, the flavour of milk chocolate presents itself and ends off with a nice sweet and vibrant finish of white grape. 

This coffee from Yardstick’s Snack range comes in the form of compostable coffee pods, packaged in nitrogen-flushed pouches to ensure the coffee inside stays fresh. The coffee pods are recommended to be enjoyed within a week of opening the pouch, while storing unused pods in an airtight container will help preserve the freshness of the coffee.

If you are a fan of chocolate covered raisins or if you’re craving for something from the candy store, I would recommend getting a box of Choco Coated Raisins to transport you back to your childhood.  

You can now purchase a minimum of 20 pods across the All Capsules range on Happy coffee shopping!  

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