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Colonna Coffee

Esmeralda Special Washed Gesha

An extraordinary blend of magnolia florals and lush tropical aromas in this distinctively flavourful Gesha.

The 2023 reintroduction of Esmeralda Special Gesha marks our continued partnership with the esteemed Hacienda La Esmeralda. This washed-process coffee, cultivated at Canas Verdes Farm, showcases the exceptional taste that has become synonymous with the Esmeralda name.

Grown on the fertile slopes of Panama's Volcán Barú, the Esmeralda Washed Gesha benefits from ideal growing conditions that accentuate its unique flavour profile. The Peterson family's dedication to sustainable cultivation and focus on the Gesha variety, particularly after its success at the Best of Panama competition, is reflected in each cup's impressive quality.

150g Whole Bean Coffee Bag


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Esmeralda Special Washed Gesha